Touring (regional, national and international) is the greatest contributor to the live performance industry's carbon footprint. 

LPA has developed new resources about reducing the impact of touring over the course of the current project. Also below are some of the resources developed during the Queensland pilot. 

Energy Efficient Touring Checklist

The core element of touring is the energy hungry task of moving people and production elements to allow a live performance to be presented in different locations. The purpose of this checklist is to provide practical advice on designing tours to maximise energy efficiencies.
This checklist will encourage you to:

  1. Quantify the total energy consumption for a tour or proposed tour
  2. Identify practical efficiency actions through industry engagement and business supply chains

If you want to measure the energy impact of your tour, please create a free account to use the new Australian edition of the Julie's Bicycle IG (Industry Green) Tool. 

Energy Efficient Touring Fact Sheet

The Tour Energy Audit Fact Sheet has been developed to support greater understanding of touring impacts. It outlines the basic steps to complete a Tour Energy Audit using the LPA IG Tool.

Tour Energy Audit Fact Sheet

The Energy Efficient Touring Fact Sheet has been developed to support the Tour Energy Audit Fact Sheet. It provides background information about tour travel, freight movement and accommodation to assist touring coordinators, production managers and production companies to make informed efficiency choices.  

Greener Touring Prezi and Video

The Greener Touring Prezi slides include case study videos, the latest developments in greener transport options and a guide to carbon offsetting.

And click on the image below to watch an 11 minute video from Shari Irwin at the Queensland Theatre Company talking about how they applied greener touring principles to their recent tour of The Lost Property Rules.