Funding & Finance

We understand that resource constraints can be one of the main barriers to implementing more sustainable practices. The advantage however, is that if you reduce your energy, water and waste usage, you will save money!

If you are wanting to make improvements to an existing venue or administration offices, here are some funding and finance solutions you might want to consider (or to suggest to your landlord):

Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)

The CEFC has established a corporate financing facility of up to $100 million in finance designated for commercial property upgrades that will reduce buildings' energy consumption and cut greenhouse gas emissions. The finance is being made available through a partnership with one of Australia's leading non-bank commercial loan managers, Balmain Corporation, which will originate and service the loans.

CEFC has established a co-financing agreement with the Commonwealth Bank to support businesses, particularly those from the manufacturing sector, to improve their energy productivity. The CEFC has committed $50 million, with matched financing from Commonwealth Bank, to make Energy Efficient Loans available for energy efficiency, low emissions technology and small-scale renewable projects.

CEFC and Commonwealth Bank have also established a similar $100 million loan facility co-financing Energy Efficient Loans for not-for-profits, including local governments, to help them save on energy costs

NSW Environmental Upgrade Agreements

Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs) now make it easier to access finance for environmental improvements to existing commercial, industrial, strata scheme and large multi-unit residential buildings in NSW.

Under this agreement, a finance provider lends funds to a building owner for water, energy and other environmental upgrades, and this low-risk loan is repaid through a local council charge on the land.

Sustainable Melbourne Fund

Environmental upgrade financing is the finance mechanism available under the 1200 Buildings program for environmental upgrades to buildings in the City of Melbourne. Environmental upgrades include the installation of energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy systems, and water conservation improvements.

Energy Performance Contracting

Your energy bills may be higher than they need to be due to obsolete or aging equipment or poor control. By contracting with an energy service company (ESCO) you can put those wasted energy dollars to better use. Your ESCO will recommend cost-effective improvements, work with you to implement the recommendations you choose, and guarantee that the resulting savings will cover all project costs (usually within 3 to 7 years).

Operational Finance or Equipment Leasing

Technological advancements mean office and base building equipment is rapidly evolving and generally superseded by ever more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable options.

This equipment leasing method is relatively well established in the IT equipment space and highly relevant when looking to optimise the environmental performance of computers and photocopiers for example. Providers are now offering the same mechanism for environmental upgrades as for other products including heating, cooling and ventilation, plant equipment and even lighting.