Greener Stage Design

LPA hosted a conversation about Greener Stage Design at a forum in Brisbane in July 2012.

We invited Tanja Beer, a practicing theatre designer who is presently writing her PhD student on ecologically sustainable theatre design to provide some inspiration. Click here to read the Summary Notes from Greener Stage Design Forum, and Tanja Beer's Presentation Slides.

At the forum, we also discussed the Green Materials Scorecard developed by the Mo`olelo Performing Arts Company in the United States. If you are wanting to understand which materials are better than others in green terms, this is a good starting point. As there are differences between the materials available for use in Australia and the United States - LPA is planning to develop an Australian version of the scorecards as part of the Greener Live Performances initiative, but this development is on hold while we focus on energy efficiency.

Another great resource for set, prop and costume designers is the NIKE MAKING App. MAKING is an easy-to-use reference guide which compare the environmental impact of materials commonly used in apparel, footwear and home goods. MAKING includes data from the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) on widely used materials and allows users to rank them based on four key impact areas: Chemistry, Energy/Greenhouse Gas, Water/Land, and Physical Waste. You can download the App on iTunes here.