Management Guides

Management Guide - Energy Efficient Purchasing Guide

The environmental impact of events and productions can be significant but the thoughtful purchasing of products, supplies and equipment can reduce or remove these impacts entirely. This guide outlines steps to take to develop a process for engaging suppliers to help to achieve better energy efficiency outcomes. The Guide includes:

  • The importance of creating a purchasing policy that integrates energy efficiency objectives
  • Communicating your energy efficiency commitment to supplier
  • Supporting suppliers in their bid to meet energy efficiency purchase criteria
  • Sample contract for a tender of supply 

Management Guide – How to Build a Business Case for your Board or Sponsors

Energy costs are rising and are not likely to drop. Improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost- effective strategies an organisation can use to manage rising energy costs and growing concerns over greenhouse gas emissions. Nevertheless, additional capital and resources may be required depending on the extent of change required to improve energy efficiency. A business case provides justification for a proposed change and outlines the allocation of capital and resources to make the change work. This resource has been developed to help venues and production and touring companies in building a business case for their board or potential sponsors to implement energy efficiency measures.

Energy Efficiency Induction Program – Presentation Slides

Including Energy Efficiency in your Induction or ongoing Staff Training program reinforces the importance of integrating effective energy efficiency actions in your organisation, and positions you as a leader on this issue for the live performance industry. Various employees and contractors are already required to participate in a comprehensive safety induction program. This Energy Efficiency induction insert is designed to be a complementary addition that can be embedded into current induction and staff training processes.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Events Management Guide

This guide provides essential management techniques and tips to integrate energy efficiency into pre-event planning.

The key to great energy efficiency management is measurement. Without measuring you can’t manage. Measurement relies on accurate data collection and importantly, commitment to its collection by the event team, generator suppliers and power contractors. Pre, during, and post-event measurement is essential. This management guide highlights strategies you can adopt to ensure you get accurate and timely data collection.