The LPA IG Tools

LPA is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the UK based arts and sustainability organisation, Julie's Bicycle, to develop an Australian edition of the IG Tools.   

The IG Tools are a unique suite of tools for festivals, venues, offices, tours and production managers to measure greenhouse gas emissions on an annual or per-activity basis. The carbon calcualtors within IG Tools were designed by Julie’s Bicycle specifically for the creative industries, and have now been adapted to calculate using Australian emission factors, dollars and transport and fuel types.

Carbon calculators allow us to understand where our environmental impacts lie. Measuring our impacts enables us to create effective management strategies, which in turn leads to reducing the negative impacts we have on the environment.

The IG Tools are designed to accurately measure impacts from activity like touring, site specific work and temporary power provision. They take into account measurement challenges such as operating from a building you don’t own, understanding audience travel, and home working.

They even have sector specific metrics. For example they measure the impact of festivals per ‘audience day’ and the impact of venues 'per performance per seat'.

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