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Checklist - Designing Outdoor Events for Energy Efficiency

The purpose of this Checklist is to provide prompts for users on implementing energy efficiency in Outdoor Events. For more detailed information on the energy efficiency considerations for outdoor events, you can also refer to
the Energy Efficient Outdoor Events Fact Sheets on Permanent Power and Temporary Power.

Outdoor Events Fact Sheet - Temporary Power and Outdoor Events Fact Sheet - Mains Power

There is increasing pressure on all business owners to reduce operating costs and to take responsibility for the environmental impacts of their activities. Implementing energy efficient events can be a pathway to tackling both. These two fact sheets delve into energy efficiency for outdoor music events using temporary power and mains power and guides you to Get AMP’d by following the Assess, Manage, Perform, Disclose pathway.

You can also read more about the Power Planning for Outdoor Events and review the Power Planning Pathway Diagram

The key to energy efficient site design and equipment choice is getting AMPd!

Achieving an energy efficient outdoor event means  tackling power planning from the design of the event through to the delivery, and then considering power planning design every time you run an event.

We encourage all event producers to follow the Power Planning Pathway and to:

  • ASSESS: energy demand
  • MANAGE: plan-in energy efficiency
  • PERFORM: achieve energy efficient operations
  • DISCLOSE: measure and report

Design guide: Making bars and catering more efficient

An anticipated two thirds of power draw from non-stage demand at outdoor events. Food and beverage, bars, general vendors, site infrastructure and services all have a part to play in achieving an energy efficient event.

Outdoor event power - The players, the issues, the challenges

There are many players on the power planning pathway that need to be on board with energy efficiency ambitions to see these efficiencies realised. There is a tightly entwined relationship between power users, planners,
suppliers with energy efficiency outcomes. Read more in Outdoor event power - The players, the issues, the challenges.

Outdoor Events Fuel Consumption Ready Reckoner

Understanding the fuel consumption of different sized power generators running at various loadings will help you to plan the most energy efficient event.

To help in this task we’ve created a table with Coates Hire which details the litres of fuel consumed per hour, along with the greenhouse gas emissions created.

Use the table to inform your choice of the most efficient number and sizing of generators; given your event setting, site layout and production requirements.

Energy Efficient Outdoor Events Webinar

In June 2014, hosted an online workshop to discuss the challenges, solutions and pitfalls around designing for energy efficiency at outdoor events on mobile power generators. 
The workshop will help you to understand what exactly we mean by energy efficiency when using mobile power generators. You will hear from generator technicians, electricians and site managers on tips and tricks they have for site configuration and power distribution to achieve maximum efficiency.
We also delve into the very important issue of Knowing Your Power - what and how to measure and report your event's energy profile.